Ad-sense Publisher Experiment, Day 20

Hey all… So here we are at day 20 of my Ad-sense Publisher Experiment… And what has it gained me? Well, not a whole heck of a lot… As of this morning, I’ve had: 386,454 Impressions 142 Clicks 0.04% Click-thru-rate $0.22 Average click cost $30.89 Total cost so far 3.92 Average position And of all […]

Ad-sense Publisher Experiment, Day 10

Hi all… Thought I’d put up an update on Day 10 of my latest experiment. It’s been interesting. I dropped one of the two ad campaigns and decided to just keep the ad campaign for my affiliate site. And I have to say (and I know this won’t shock all the experienced ad words folks […]

Ad-sense Publisher Experiment, Day 1

Hi all! It’s been a while, I know… I’m trying a new experiment. This time I’m actually paying for ad placement at Google. This is something I’ve read about over the last couple of years, but never thought I’d actually try. However… I decided I’d take the plunge and see how this works. I created […]

Google Ad-Sense

Hi all! So I just signed up for Google’s Ad-sense service, which basically provides rotating banner ads for your site. We’ll see how it looks: Not bad! We’ll see if it helps bring any clicks to the site. Until next time! –Fitz