List of Free Internet Marketing Books from Caroline

Hi all! I don’t know if you know who Caroline Middlebrook is, but she’s been on this road of monetizing a blog for longer than many of us just starting out and seems to have her act together. Hers is one of those blogs I check out regularly! Anyway… She posted a great article on […]

Where do you find art for your website?

Hi all! If you, like me, are bereft of art skills, (Pictionary is about as far as I go these days…) I have to recommend a subscription-based service that has served me well over the last couple of years when I needed art for my t-shirt or bumper sticker designs, or for inside a book. […]

Writing a good Press Release in 5 easy steps…

Hey there… I’m starting to write some press releases announcing the release of the roleplaying game I’ve been working on and have come across some great sites with advice for creating great press releases that I will try and distill down to five easy steps… (I’ll provide links to the other resources I found also […]

Now that I have a book… How do I market it?

Hi all… So now that you have a book published… How do you get it to your audience? Here’s the cover for my book by the way. I think it turned out great. The artist, Jason Adams, did an amazing job. Well… I’m still working on that little issue myself, but my plan goes like […]