Pretty Girls Experiment Results…

Hi all… So I did the pretty girls experiment… I had some in my last post here and here. What did it prove? Not much actually… EntreCard, even though I didn’t drop any cards yesterday, still provided the majority of my pageviews, and the Jessica Alba photos didn’t get any hits. Marion Cotillard however is […]

Does Pictures of Pretty Girls = More Traffic?

Hey all… I decided I would perform a bit of a test today… On my other site, I’ve posted an article about Mike Myers and Jessica Alba’s new film called Love Guru which comes out in June. Near the top of the article, I have a picture of Jessica Alba. This is to test the […]

Where do you find art for your website?

Hi all! If you, like me, are bereft of art skills, (Pictionary is about as far as I go these days…) I have to recommend a subscription-based service that has served me well over the last couple of years when I needed art for my t-shirt or bumper sticker designs, or for inside a book. […]