Does Pictures of Pretty Girls = More Traffic?

Hey all… I decided I would perform a bit of a test today… On my other site, I’ve posted an article about Mike Myers and Jessica Alba’s new film called Love Guru which comes out in June. Near the top of the article, I have a picture of Jessica Alba. This is to test the […]

Is EntreCard Really Worth It??

Hi all… For the last few weeks, I’ve been attempting to do the EntreCard dance every day… Dropping at least 100 cards, sometimes more than 200 if time allowed, and my traffic has grown considerably. I’m getting about as much traffic as cards I drop in a day. It’s averaging about 100 pageviews a day […]

List of Free Internet Marketing Books from Caroline

Hi all! I don’t know if you know who Caroline Middlebrook is, but she’s been on this road of monetizing a blog for longer than many of us just starting out and seems to have her act together. Hers is one of those blogs I check out regularly! Anyway… She posted a great article on […]

DiscountClick Services for your Blog or Website

(Brought to you by your friends at Hi all! The great folks at have a great suite of Internet Marketing services to help out your website or blog. By providing an array of services aimed at improving your SEO and increase traffic (and therefore hopefully sales) to your site, DiscountClick is there to […]

I’ve caught the Flux! BlogFlux!

Hey all… I thought I’d try and add my blog to another blog network, this one called Blog Flux. According to their site, they have more than 95,931 blogs listed on their site and have been getting quite a number of hits on a daily basis. Yesterday, based on their statistics page, they had more […]

Are you ever at a loss for words? Try these sites!

Hi there! Are you ever at a loss for words? Sometimes the words flow like honey… and other times, they flow like cement it seems. Well, here’s a few cool tools to help you find the words to say what you’re trying to say: A very easy to use and comprehensive online dictionary Wikipedia: […]

Cool Utility to See What Search Spiders See on your Site…

Hi all… If you haven’t been to the Bontrager CGI site for web site-related scripts, you’re missing out. I’m not much of a web programmer, but I’m learning. And this site has an amazing array of useful tools, including the Search Spider tool that I’ve hooked up via the Utilities page on this site. The […]

Help picking profitable markets for beginners…

Hi there… I just today decided to spend $7 on an online resource for choosing a profitable market… This program was produced by Terry Dean and Glenn Livingston and I’m going to give it a shot. These guys are so confident that we will make money using their system that they’re going to give 100% […]

“Meme”-orizing Technology Tidbits… (Techmeme)

Hi all… This term keep surfacing in my web surfing… Meme. According to, the definition is: a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes. There’s a cool service for us tech junkies called Techmeme. Techmeme’s mission is as follows (according to the Techmeme About […]

Do you Hubsess about things?

Hi all… I recently found a new news aggregation site called Hubsess… It works similar to Bloglines or Google Reader or other online RSS feed readers, but has a more low-tech feel with the concept of “newspapers”. Though I’m not sure it will take off, it’s an interesting approach. Basically you create a “hub” for […]