AddThis… Great way to get Social Bookmarking to your site or blog!

Hey all… There’s this cool free service that I found courtesy of Nick Stamoulis’ blog – Blog Marketing Journal. provides a way to simplify the bookmarking/sharing methods for your readers/viewers. I’ve looked at a number of different options and the AddThis widget is the simplest/easiest to use one of all of them to this […]

Comments… Argh!

Hi all… Thanks to a nice person at, it became clear today why I may not be getting ANY comments. I had WordPress set to require folks to register and log in to leave comments. Doh! That little switch has been flipped. To verify that it is indeed working as it should, would somebody […]

rssHugger… the hunt for more traffic…

Hey all… Have you hugged your RSS feeds today? Traffic is the killer for most of us in the blogosphere. There’s lots of ways to generate traffic. I’ve joined a number of blog networks, been working to establish community, and so on, like everyone else. But rssHugger is a new one on my radar, so […]

Pays to be nice to folks!

Hi all! The other day I posted a link to Caroline Middlebrook’s site where she listed a number of eBooks to help with SEO, internet marketing, and so on. And she actually stopped by to visit! I thought that was quite nice of her! So I guess it’s true what folks say — it pays […]