Project Management

Roleplaying for shortening the Product Development cycle, part 3

Hi there! So if you’ve read the first couple of articles in this series, which you can read here for part 1 and here for part 2, you should have the start of the process down… We’re basically enhancing the standard product process by adding a little additional testing before it gets to your customers. […]

Roleplaying for shortening the Product Development cycle, part 2

Hi all! As promised, here’s the second in this series of articles. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to digest the last article in this series (which you can find here), which served as an introduction to a process you might use to develop products for your markets and customers. It’s a pretty traditional approach, but […]

Roleplaying for shortening the Product Development cycle…

Hi all! This is the first article in a new series about using roleplaying during the product development cycle to help get a more solid product to then take into further testing with real customers or users. I am a long-time roleplaying game junkie, I’ll be the first to admit. I’ve been gaming more than […]

Project Management — A Beautiful Summary

Hi all! Have you seen this lovely image that summarizes 99% of my experience with how projects get managed? This in a series of 10 panels explains how NOT to manage a project better than anything I have ever read. The trick is not to go overboard, yet to do what’s necessary… And all too […]