Raging Debates as an Independent Publisher…

Hey all… I had an interesting discussion today with a friend of mine who asked when I would throw in the towel with my roleplaying game publishing efforts. It’s not exactly a huge money making venture and the interest thus far hasn’t been stellar, i.e. we haven’t “sold” any copies. Though we did give away […]

Moebius Adventures Core Rules is loosed on the world!

Hi all! Great news! The Moebius Adventures Core Rules book is available for purchase in both softcover and eBook formats on Monday, November 12, almost three weeks ahead of schedule! To purchase the softcover book for $24.95 + shipping, go to the Moebius Adventures Lulu storefront. To purchase the eBook for $10.95, go to […]

Writing a good Press Release in 5 easy steps…

Hey there… I’m starting to write some press releases announcing the release of the roleplaying game I’ve been working on and have come across some great sites with advice for creating great press releases that I will try and distill down to five easy steps… (I’ll provide links to the other resources I found also […]

Now that I have a book… How do I market it?

Hi all… So now that you have a book published… How do you get it to your audience? Here’s the cover for my book by the way. I think it turned out great. The artist, Jason Adams, did an amazing job. Well… I’m still working on that little issue myself, but my plan goes like […]

Using to Publish your Book

Hi all… So I recently went through the process of getting a book ready for publishing via Lulu. They make the process really easy, but you should have three things ready when you head to Lulu… Your content. This can be as basic as a Microsoft Word file, but it helps if you can create […]

Upcoming articles about publishing and marketing…

Hi all… I thought I’d share my plan going forward for a series of articles about my experiences publishing and marketing a roleplaying game. Though the market may not be what folks in the industry are used to, there will be many lessons that can be generalized and tips that can be shared and used […]

eBook Publishing and

Hi all! Just thought I’d tell you about another project of mine. I’m currently working on publishing the first of several roleplaying games — a line called Moebius Adventures. And I am marketing them both as hardcopy (printed/bound) and e-published books via If you haven’t taken a look at Lulu before, I highly recommend […]