Take a Smort from Smorty!

Hey all… I’m still experimenting with various review tools to raise the awareness of this blog and make some money. I’ve seen Smorty ads just about everywhere on the internet and decided to give them a try. So if you’ve seen the Smorty ads, you know a few things already… It’s a get-paid-for-reviews kind of […]

I found my new Gooroo at Effing the Dog!

Hi all! At the beginning of the year, Mike Vardy created a new blog called “Effing the Dog,” which, in his own words: …I’m all about taking personal productivity and getting things done to a whole different and exciting level. I’ve discovered through years of painful process and heartache – which has not left me […]

Virtually Foolproof Method of Choosing Slam Dunk Markets

Hi there… Discover an expert that has entered and profited from 17 radically different markets successfully in the past 2 years. Click HERE! Yes, that’s right. I said 17 different markets. Not just 17 different products….17 different audiences. This means his lists do not crossover in these markets. He quietly enters a market…peeks inside the […]

AddThis… Great way to get Social Bookmarking to your site or blog!

Hey all… There’s this cool free service that I found courtesy of Nick Stamoulis’ blog – Blog Marketing Journal. provides a way to simplify the bookmarking/sharing methods for your readers/viewers. I’ve looked at a number of different options and the AddThis widget is the simplest/easiest to use one of all of them to this […]

What I learned from the Blue Man Group…

Hey all… I had an opportunity to go see the Blue Man Group in concert this weekend at the Pepsi Center in Denver. What an amazing show! (You can see my review at my other blog here.) But I learned a few things from them that I thought I’d share. Though an oddball way to […]

rssHugger… the hunt for more traffic…

Hey all… Have you hugged your RSS feeds today? Traffic is the killer for most of us in the blogosphere. There’s lots of ways to generate traffic. I’ve joined a number of blog networks, been working to establish community, and so on, like everyone else. But rssHugger is a new one on my radar, so […]

List of Free Internet Marketing Books from Caroline

Hi all! I don’t know if you know who Caroline Middlebrook is, but she’s been on this road of monetizing a blog for longer than many of us just starting out and seems to have her act together. Hers is one of those blogs I check out regularly! Anyway… She posted a great article on […]

I’ve caught the Flux! BlogFlux!

Hey all… I thought I’d try and add my blog to another blog network, this one called Blog Flux. According to their site, they have more than 95,931 blogs listed on their site and have been getting quite a number of hits on a daily basis. Yesterday, based on their statistics page, they had more […]

Are you ever at a loss for words? Try these sites!

Hi there! Are you ever at a loss for words? Sometimes the words flow like honey… and other times, they flow like cement it seems. Well, here’s a few cool tools to help you find the words to say what you’re trying to say: A very easy to use and comprehensive online dictionary Wikipedia: […]