How does your site rank?!? Try IZEA’s RealRank

Hi all…

So in true monkey see, monkey do fashion, I’m trying out a new ranking system from IZEA – the same folks who brought us PayPerPost. IZEARanks uses visitor data to define one blog’s standing relative to other blogs in the program or in specific categories.

According to their FAQ, RealRank scoring weighs blogs using the following criteria:

All of these statistics are provided by the IZEA Toolkit (ITK) based on a piece of code you embed in your blog.

Folks participating in the program can choose whether or not to publicly disclose their traffic or just their RealRank score. By providing more detailed information, advertisers have a much better handle on how a particular blog can address their particular advertising goals.

The idea is that with Google phasing out/changing how PageRank is used, RealRank can step in and provide an independent, more comprehensive approach to blog ranking for advertisers. And of course this doesn’t hurt IZEA’s bottom line either, since they’re a major player in the advertising market with their various other offerings.

According to IZEA, RealRank is more accurate than Alexa and Google PageRank because it’s based on real traffic instead of a sampling of site visitors or a censored link-weighting algorithm.

We’ll just have to wait and see what it can bring to small fish like myself. I’m not holding my breath, though I have to say that more statistics is probably a better thing than less.

That’s it for now. What do you think about IZEA’s new program?


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