The 10-Day Cash Secret Doesn’t Work For Me…

Hi all… I’m officially calling it quits with the 10-Day Cash Secret program. I’ve let it run now for nearly a month. It’s earned $0.00 for me. And it cost me $99.00. This means my net is -$99.00. So I’ll be sending Neil a nice e-mail requesting a refund. I am in the 30 day […]

Are you in on Neil Shearing’s 10 Day Cash Secret yet?

Hey all… I’ve been writing about Neil Shearing’s 10 Day Cash Secret for the last few posts… If you’re looking to pick it up and get going with it, you can click here… Neil Shearing is working out the kinks (it’s a piece of software — there are ALWAYS kinks — take it from me […]

Chairman and CEO of Warner Music Group Admits being “Asleep at the Wheel”

Hey all… I saw in TechCrunch yesterday that the Chairman and CEO of the Warner Music Group, Edgar Bronfman, admitted during a presentation that the music industry had been “asleep at the wheel”. He told a group of mobile industry operators not to make the same mistakes as the music industry: We used to fool […]

Pep Boys and Making People Wait…

Hi all… You may think from the title that this is a little off-topic, but it really isn’t. I recently had to go to Pep Boys to have them replace the battery in my wife’s car. The cold finally killed the old one and we were about to head out on a trip, so we […]