Experiment Follow Up #4 – Neil Shearing 10 Day Cash Secret

Hey all… I think I have to call this a failure officially now… Here are some stats for you… Blog #1… Started March 8th (16 days ago). Total hits – roughly 245 as of today according to StatCounter. Average of 8 visits a day with 17 page views. 38 clickthroughs to my affiliate from the […]

I found my new Gooroo at Effing the Dog!

Hi all! At the beginning of the year, Mike Vardy created a new blog called “Effing the Dog,” which, in his own words: …I’m all about taking personal productivity and getting things done to a whole different and exciting level. I’ve discovered through years of painful process and heartache – which has not left me […]

New experience – Bay Area Kicks Requesting a Link to My Site

Hi all… This week I had an out of the blue e-mail from Murris, who runs the Bay Area Kicks blog ( wondering if he could add a link to Fitzy Business from his blog and if I would mind linking back to his. After taking a look at his blog, which seems simple, well-designed, […]