Saying goodbye to this blog…

Hi all…Unfortunately, due to a lack of time and energy, I’m no longer going to continue writing to this blog. I will most likely take it down in another month just to reduce the bandwidth I personally waste every day. 🙂 I appreciate the few readers I did have for the blog. I just need to […]

How do you feel about “sponsors” for your blog?

Image via WikipediaHey all… I recently had an interesting experience. I had someone out of the blue send me an e-mail asking if they could “sponsor” my blog. What it boiled down to was a paid link back to their website and the best income I’ve seen from any blog I’ve created so far. (Every […]

Happy New Year!

Hi all! Just a quick wish for everyone to have a Great 2008! I’m hoping this year is a ton better than the last! –Fitz

Happy Holidays!

Hi all! Hope you’ve all enjoyed your end of year celebrations, whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah,  Kwanzaa, or some other festive occasion. I wish you all a happy holidays and a merry and safe New Years’! I have to do some serious thinking about this blog over the next few days while I’m on vacation […]

Coming back up to speed…

Hi all… I survived my surgery and am now just recovering… Thank goodness for pain pills and naps. Hopefully within another few days I’ll have my wits about me enough to write some things that make sense. As it is, unless it’s a required surgery, I don’t recommend a tonsillectomy for a good time. Minor […]

Sorry about the Lack of Posts…

Hey all… Sorry for the lack of posts… Been crazy with the holidays and work, plus I’m going in for a tonsillectomy at age 38… THAT ought to be fun. Not. 🙂 So it may be a few days until I get back to this blog. Again, apologize for the lack of posts! In the […]

So what do you want to know more about?

Hi all… First of all, I have to thank Caroline Middlebrook and MarysMom for stopping by and leaving nice comments. Thank you both! I’ve covered a number of items on this blog so far… Most have surrounded my passion for roleplaying or my experiences with publishing or trying to monetize this blog. Though I’m not […]

What I learned from the Blue Man Group…

Hey all… I had an opportunity to go see the Blue Man Group in concert this weekend at the Pepsi Center in Denver. What an amazing show! (You can see my review at my other blog here.) But I learned a few things from them that I thought I’d share. Though an oddball way to […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi all… A bit off topic, but I just wanted to wish everyone celebrating a happy Thanksgiving! I’ll be back to my wild ramblings tomorrow. 🙂 Until then, –Fitz

Moebius Adventures Core Rules is loosed on the world!

Hi all! Great news! The Moebius Adventures Core Rules book is available for purchase in both softcover and eBook formats on Monday, November 12, almost three weeks ahead of schedule! To purchase the softcover book for $24.95 + shipping, go to the Moebius Adventures Lulu storefront. To purchase the eBook for $10.95, go to RPGNow.com […]