Product Development

Upcoming articles about publishing and marketing…

Hi all… I thought I’d share my plan going forward for a series of articles about my experiences publishing and marketing a roleplaying game. Though the market may not be what folks in the industry are used to, there will be many lessons that can be generalized and tips that can be shared and used […]

Roleplaying for shortening the Product Development cycle, part 3

Hi there! So if you’ve read the first couple of articles in this series, which you can read here for part 1 and here for part 2, you should have the start of the process down… We’re basically enhancing the standard product process by adding a little additional testing before it gets to your customers. […]

Roleplaying for shortening the Product Development cycle, part 2

Hi all! As promised, here’s the second in this series of articles. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to digest the last article in this series (which you can find here), which served as an introduction to a process you might use to develop products for your markets and customers. It’s a pretty traditional approach, but […]

Roleplaying for shortening the Product Development cycle…

Hi all! This is the first article in a new series about using roleplaying during the product development cycle to help get a more solid product to then take into further testing with real customers or users. I am a long-time roleplaying game junkie, I’ll be the first to admit. I’ve been gaming more than […]