Time for a New Experiment… 20 Ways to Make $100 a Day Online

Hi all! Yes, it’s time for a new experiment. I’m letting my affiliate sites + Adsense percolate a bit to see how it goes. I’m getting roughly 2 sales a month from one site and just started another one a week ago, so we’ll see how things progress. So I saw this post on “20 […]

Ad-sense Publisher Experiment, Day 36

Hi all… Well, I have a few things to report on my Ad-sense Publisher Experiment… First, as I reached the magic $50 limit for cost, I put my ad-sense campaign on “pause”. As you can see from the above picture, I had 287 clicks in 30 days, with 566,614 impressions, an average CPC of $0.25 […]

DiscountClick Services for your Blog or Website

(Brought to you by your friends at http://www.discountclick.com) Hi all! The great folks at DiscountClick.com have a great suite of Internet Marketing services to help out your website or blog. By providing an array of services aimed at improving your SEO and increase traffic (and therefore hopefully sales) to your site, DiscountClick is there to […]

iReply – Join the Movement

Have you seen this logo in a few places? It represents the efforts of the iReply movement to show a commitment to listening to reader comments in your blogging community and in other communities. We all (bloggers and writers) should spend more time listening to our communities. This is a great way to gain some […]

Happy Blog Action Day!

Happy Blog Action Day to you all! So today bloggers around the world are supposed to talk about the environment. It’s a great cause. I just wish people would do less talking and more action. Not that I’m any better in that respect. The goal is to make the world a place worth living in […]

Declined… because of content or lack thereof…

Hi all… Interesting events are afoot… It appears that a couple of things have occurred as I go through and apply for all of these programs: 1) Some of them don’t approve of my non-ad vs. ad post ratio 2) My traffic isn’t great yet, which I already knew, since I just started the blog […]