The 10-Day Cash Secret Doesn’t Work For Me…

Hi all… I’m officially calling it quits with the 10-Day Cash Secret program. I’ve let it run now for nearly a month. It’s earned $0.00 for me. And it cost me $99.00. This means my net is -$99.00. So I’ll be sending Neil a nice e-mail requesting a refund. I am in the 30 day […]

Experiment Follow Up #4 – Neil Shearing 10 Day Cash Secret

Hey all… I think I have to call this a failure officially now… Here are some stats for you… Blog #1… Started March 8th (16 days ago). Total hits – roughly 245 as of today according to StatCounter. Average of 8 visits a day with 17 page views. 38 clickthroughs to my affiliate from the […]

10 Day Cash Secret With No Cash = Experiment Failure?

Hey there… So it appears I’m getting some hits a day on two of my three sites that are using Neil Shearing’s 10 Day Cash Secret plug-in for WordPress. And occasionally I’m getting click throughs to my affiliate links. None of this has translated to a single sale however. This is now day 13 for […]

Experiment Follow up #3 – Neil Shearing’s 10 Day Cash Secret

Hi all… A quick update on this St. Pat’s day for my experiment regarding Neil Shearing’s 10 Day Cash Secret… (Note that I’m currently out of town on a business trip, so this isn’t going to be as detailed as my last couple of posts… sorry. I hope to detail things quite a bit once […]

Are you in on Neil Shearing’s 10 Day Cash Secret yet?

Hey all… I’ve been writing about Neil Shearing’s 10 Day Cash Secret for the last few posts… If you’re looking to pick it up and get going with it, you can click here… Neil Shearing is working out the kinks (it’s a piece of software — there are ALWAYS kinks — take it from me […]

Experiment Follow Up #2 – Neil Shearing 10 Day Cash Secret

Hey all… So I’m a day early, but wanted to update you… (If you have no clue what I’m talking about, you can check out the first two posts in this series… Experiment Testing Out Neil Shearing’s 10 Day Cash Secret and Experiment Follow Up #1. Site 1 – indexed by Google with 1 keyword […]

Updated Blog Look & Feel…

Hi all… Yes, the blog shifted a bit this evening. I discovered some issues with the theme I was using before for WordPress and that caused me to redo a few things. I think I have it licked now and folks should be able to leave comments. Sorry for any inconvenience. The new layout seems […]

Trying something new…

Hi all! Thought I’d try something new… My other blog is hosted and run by 1&1 and works fine, but I don’t have any control over presentation or the plug-ins, etc. This domain is hosted by 1&1, but I installed the WordPress software myself, meaning I have much more control over presentation and can customize […]